How do I create an extra membership

How nice that you want to create extra boxer shorts membership(s), this is certainly possible. And even more good news: when you do this you will receive, as long as the boxer shorts memberships are both active, a 10% discount on the total amount every month from us. You can have up to 5 boxer shorts memberships in 1 account. An extra boxer shorts membership is easily created via your account:

  1. Login to your account with your email address and password,
  2. Go to 'My details' and choose whether you want a boys or men membership.
  3. In case of a men membership you can choose for the One or the Originals version. 

We will then debit you twice at the first possible moment and you will receive those the following month. Please note that all members receive the design of the month, so if you have multiple boxer shorts memberships, you will receive the same design several times. We send 1 free boxer shorts per unique account to get acquainted with the service and quality of ON THAT ASS. This is not the case with an extra membership. 

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Can I buy extra boxer shorts?

Sorry, it is only possible to buy extra boxer shorts by creating an additional account.
Most of the boxer shorts are sent to our members every month. The little stock we have is used for new registrations.

But don't worry, you'll get another one next month! Not fast enough for you? Then you can get extra boxer shorts by creating an extra membership.

  1. Log in to your account here,
  2. Select ‘Memberships’ from the menu,
  3. Click on the blue box that says ‘Add member’,
  4. Choose the right size and type of membership (Originals of One),
  5. Fill in the other details and complete the registration.

Did you know that for only  £4.99 per month as an exclusive member you can also order a great pair of matching socks? Read all about it here.

Good to know:

  • You get a 10% discount on the total price per month if you have two or more boxer shorts memberships.
  • The payment goes through one account number, the one you linked with your registration.
  • Additional members are not entitled to a free pair of boxer because you have already received a free pair.
  • The boxer shorts are delivered in the same week, but the delivery dates may differ.

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Do you have an ON THAT ASS webshop?

Nice that you want to order some extra ON THAT ASS ASS boxer shorts!
We don’t have a webshop or physical store, so older designs can’t be purchased anymore.

If you want to expand your monthly collection with some extra boxer shorts, you can easily create an additional membership within your account. 
Every month we bring out one unique design, with an extra membership you can receive our Originals collection with print and choose our One collection without print.

With extra active boxer shorts membership you also receive a 10% discount, every month!

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Can I give ON THAT ASS as a gift?

How nice of you to want to give ON THAT ASS boxer shorts as a gift! Currently we don’t have a gift card you can order, but you can surprise someone with ON THAT ASS in a different way. 

  1. Create an account on www.onthatass.com by clicking on ‘try once for free’,
  2. Fill in your address details if you want to receive the boxer shorts yourself first. You can always change this in your account at a later date,
  3. Decide how many months you want to participate. You can easily cancel or pause your account.

We know that this is going to be the best gift ever!

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