Boxer Shorts

Are the first boxer shorts free?

Long story short : yes!

We want you to see and feel that you are making the best choice. That's how confident we are! Read how this works here.

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Do you have a size chart?

ON THAT ASS boxer shorts have their own unique fit. It is important to choose the right size for the most comfortable fit.

If you choose the right size, your boxer shorts will last much longer. Choosing the wrong size increases the chance of wear (e.g. holes and loose stitching).

When in doubt about your size, choose the larger of the two.

Men's size
26-28 inch
28-30 inch
30-32 inch
32-34 inch
34-36 inch
36-38 inch
38-40 inch
Boys' size

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Can I choose a design?

You cannot choose the monthly boxer shorts you receive via post. We keep the design and colour a secret until delivery. Our own team of designers creates a new design every month. Every member receives that design in the mail that month.

When you sign up, you choose a free pair of boxer shorts from our collection. You can choose between boxer shorts with a print or boxer shorts without a print. These are the Originals or One boxer shorts. Boys sizes are only available in the Originals version.

If you choose Originals, you will receive a pair of boxer shorts with print every month. If you choose One, you will receive a plain pair of boxer shorts every month. If you want to change this later, read how to do so here.

If you have several memberships, you will receive the design of that month several times. Would you like to receive more boxer shorts per month, but not a double design every month? Then you can choose an Originals and a One membership. Then you will have one pair of boxer shorts with print and one pair of boxer shorts without print every month. They are of the same quality and have the same fit.

Do you also have a Socks membership? Your monthly boxer shorts and Socks match!

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Do you also have plain boxer shorts?

YES! The One boxer shorts have no print. They consist of one basic colour (inside and outside). The Originals boxer shorts feature striking and vibrant prints (colour outside, white inside). They have the same waistband.

In terms of fit and quality, they are exactly the same. How to switch between Originals and One can be read here.

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What material are the boxer shorts made of?

Our boxer shorts are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which guarantees total comfort.

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How do I wash and dry my boxer shorts?

The One boxer shorts are made of coloured fabric. The prints of the Originals boxer shorts are printed on white fabric. Despite the best printing techniques, the colours can fade slightly. Sometimes this is just a little for the first few washes and then remains the same. 

We know our boxer shorts best. Wash the boxer shorts at 30 degrees, do not use a tumble dryer and no fabric softener. ON THAT ASS boxer shorts consist of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Cotton tends to shrink and fade in colour at high temperatures. Also, the elastic in the fabric and of the waistband will wear out faster. We recommend using a good colour detergent for optimal colour retention.

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Where are the boxer shorts made?

The designs of our boxer shorts are designed at our offices, we have our own team of designers exclusively for this purpose.

The production of our boxer shorts takes place in China under good working conditions. Our manufacturer has the appropriate certificates such as a BSCI certificate.

You can read more about this here.

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