Why do we collect data about you?

Let us explain why we collect your data and what we do with it.

Name and address:
So that we know which lucky person will receive our boxer shorts and where the boxer shorts should be delivered to.

Name of your child(ren):
Did you also create a Boys account? In that case will also store the name of your child(ren). We do this so we can personally address the Boys boxer shorts to your child(ren), which is fun.

Telephone number:
Your phone number is important so that we can provide you with important information regarding your payment. This is an extra service, in case you have missed our emails.

Date of Birth:
We use your date of birth so that we know that you are 18 years old or older and therefore meet our age requirement to sign up for a membership.

Email and payment details:
We use your email address to send personal emails and online campaigns. We also use your email address and payment details to prevent fraud. These two items will be verified when you create an account. Every member has the right to create an account and therefore receives a free pair of boxer shorts.
In addition, we use your data so that when you make a change online we can amend it for you.

Your transactions and payments:
We use the name and the account number of the person ordering via direct debit.
We need this data so that we can execute your payment or order. We also use the data so we know when someone has become a member and when the first package can be sent.

Your account logs:
Any changes you make to your account will be saved. This way we can see when you have changed your size or changed your address etc. We use this data so we can provide you with the best possible service. For example, if your boxer shorts have not been received at the new address after a change of address, it is possible that you have made your change just a little too late. By saving the logs we will be able to review them with you and provide you with a suitable solution.

Your reactions to and about ON THAT ASS on social media:
This includes messages about ON THAT ASS that you post on the social media on which we are also active and which are accessible to everyone.

Your messages in our ON THAT ASS WhatsApp and your chat data with our webcare team on Facebook:
Our webcare team follows the messages that are accessible to everyone on the internet and that are about ON THAT ASS, they also respond to messages that are addressed to ON THAT ASS directly. This ensures that everyone gets an answer to their question and that the frequently asked questions are kept up-to-date in our FAQ. We strive to be as clear as possible about our concept and to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

Other Data:
Any data you leave behind on our website, direct or indirect, such as website cookies, or a registration for a membership that has not yet been completed.