With who do we share your data

We never sold, and will not sell your data to Third Parties.

We do share your data with some Third Parties to provide and improve our services to you. When we share this data, we make sure that all parties ensure your data is protected with the technical and organizational security measures as required by the law. Prior to sharing your data we assess what data we are required to share with our partners, ensuring that no unnecessary personal data will be shared.

We share your payment details to the bank.
We share your first name, last name and IBAN to our bank, ING, so that monthly payment can be set up. Naturally, this will be handled carefully and ING will not use your data for third parties. It is therefore only possible to change your bank details online, so we can be sure that the new bank details are yours. Of course, if you find any trouble, please contact us and we will help you personally to find a safe solution.

We share your data to our mail service Mailjet so that emails like a payment notification can be sent to you.
We share your first name, last name and email address to Mailjet, so we can send a personal email to the correct email address, and send you promotional campaigns about our personal and latest offers. You can, at all times, unsubscribe from these campaigns, or object to this mail service. Mailjet has assured us they will not share your data, however, we refer to their privacy policy to understand how they handle your data.

We share your details to our partner PostNL so that your pair of boxer shorts will arrive in your mailbox as soon as possible.
We share your first name, last name and address details to the Dutch delivery service PostNL, so they know to which address your boxer shorts should be delivered. We refer to the privacy policy of PostNL to understand what happens with this data.

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