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Monthly daring boxer shorts.

Without obligations.

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  • A brand-new pair of boxer shorts in your mailbox every month from £8.99 per month.
  • No more walking around in old, worn out or faded boxer shorts.
  • Top quality and a perfect fit.
  • Your first pair of boxer shorts are totally free! So you can see and feel what you'll be buying.
  • Want to cancel? No problem! This can easily be done in your account within a few minutes.
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Types of Membership.

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How does it work?

Really simple.

Sign up for a free trial
Choose your first pair of boxer shorts, these are free of charge
Within 7 working days you will receive your boxer shorts in your mailbox
After the trial period you will receive a new pair of boxer shorts every month
If ON THAT ASS is not for you, no problem, your subscription can always be cancelled online at anytime.
Detailed boxershort

We go for top quality.

Nothing less!

Our boxer shorts are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which ensures a comfortable fit and the elastic waistband ensures that the boxer shorts fit perfectly.

We dare you to wear them!

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