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Every month a brand new boxer shorts in your mailbox for only €9,99 (incl. shipping costs).

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Men One

Top quality without print

€9,99/p.m. incl. shipping

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Men Originals

Unique and surprising designs

€9,99/p.m. incl. shipping

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Boys Originals

Bold and unique designs

€8,99/p.m. incl. shipping


Ultimate convenience.

No more walking around in old or worn out boxer shorts. We send you a new boxer shorts every month. Always surprising.

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Customer reviews

4.6 rating | 16.878 reviews


Luke Todd

30 September, 2021


Happy with the boxers comfy a good fit and good quality

Jay Banks-Morgan

29 September, 2021


Fantastic Soo comfy and I love the explosion of colour and the crazyness of the designs


27 September, 2021


Very positive experience. Had an error with my free pair of boxers however the customer service was great and helped me out almost immediately. Would highly recommend shopping from here. Good quality, great customer service.

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